Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue #3

Ivy in Heaton Chapel
Belly's 'Feed the tree' feels more like a summer or early autumn song than a winter song, with a post Throwing Muses Tanya Donnelly in seemingly exuberant mood. Oddly timeless.

Grace Mitchell's 'NoLo' is an absolute gold standard, freshly minted pop classic, the video to which was released on 25th November. Good things are surely to be expected of this girl.

Florence + The Machine's cover of Drake's 'Take Care' is from 2011, it was performed as part of a Radio 1 live session for Fearne Cotton and captures the band between Lungs and Ceremonials. While Florence's introduction is a little quiet in this clip, the song is captured in all its sonic glory.

Shocking Blue's 'Venus', while not as memorable perhaps as the Bananarama version, was given a second lease of life back in the 1990s when it was used to advertise, I think, Gillette? or similar. I believe the band had a fairly prolific output in the 1970s, and having heard a song of theirs on Radcliffe and Maconie's Chain about a year ago, they definitely are a band I should look into further.

Photo of ivy in Heaton Chapel by Cazz Blase. Copyright Cazz Blase, all rights reserved.

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