Friday, 25 September 2015


New York band Grassfight have a nice line in dark post punk atmospherics.

Their ep Please don't tell, will be out on October 9th, and you can here the title track ahead of the release date over on Soundcloud.

There is the dark claustrophobia of Joy Division running through the track, but there's also a nod to Funhouse period Stooges and I can imagine this band being a particularly attractive live proposition.
The band, meanwhile, cite their influences as Radiohead, Spoon, BRMC and LCD Soundsystem.

In the press release to accompany Please Don't Tell, the band explained that:

" “Please Don't Tell’ is the name of a speak-easy style bar in East Village. To get in, you walk into a hot dog shop and enter a phone booth. When you pick up the phone somebody answers and you say the name of your reservation. Then the side wall of the phone booth slides back and you walk into this "secret" small bar that's decorated like it's the 1920's. There are taxidermy animals with hats and jewellery on, they play a lot of Fleetwood Mac, and the cocktails are awesome, with a Mezcal theme.”

The ep is a very strong slice of post punk flavoured atmospheric indie, and is well worth a listen.