Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue #2

Holly Tree, Heaton Moor
Low's 'It was just like Christmas' is a sweetly lo fi, just the right side of cheesy, slice of festive fare that is always due a re-listen at this time of year. There's something innately comforting and innocent about it that ensures it never loses its charm.

Julia Holter's new album Have you in my wilderness is Piccadilly Records number 1 album of the year. They probably nailed it when they wrote in their end of year round up that, while liking her previous albums, they love the new one a lot more because it seems more substantial and fully formed in a pop sense than previous offerings. Personally, I really loved 'Hello Stranger', and loved the concept behind Loud City Song in a general sense, but never really got into it as an album.

September's track 'Sea Calls Me Home' captures the new album well.

Birdy's take on the Fleet Foxes' song 'White Winter Hymnal' showcases the singer's voice well, while deftly paying tribute to a song that, while markedly different in its original form, remains far from spoiled. I like both versions, but for very different reasons.

'Pale blue eyes' features on the Velvet Underground's self titled third album and, while not perhaps as well known as, say, 'I'm Waiting For My Man', or 'Venus In Furs', it is a quiet masterpiece.

Image of holly tree by Cazz Blase. Copyright Cazz Blase, all rights reserved.

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