Saturday, 26 December 2015

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue #6

Christmas star decoration
Boxing Day always seems to require something vaguely poignant and slightly overblown. Because even if you don't have a hangover on Boxing Day, there's always a vague sense of disappointment and ennui somehow.

Let the majestic Dinah Washington lift your mood this morning...

I heard the record shop at the Piccadilly Approach end of Newton Street blaring Dinah out over their external speakers one evening on my way to the bus stop, and while raising a smile, it also made me feel like I was in the supermarket scene in Morvern Callar, or else the Bonnie and Clyde homage scene in Run Lola Run.

What follows is a sudden jolt into nihilism and dystopeia courtesy of Halsey's 'New Americana', which is best described as post Lana Del Rey and post Hunger Games... 

By contrast, Dusty Springfield's impeccable (of course!) take on the Lesley Gore classic 'You Don't Own Me' is a different kind of restlessness.

From one outstanding singer to an outstanding, and much under appreciated singer songwriter, namely Laura Nyro. 'You don't love me when I cry' is the opening track from the classic New York Tendaberry album from 1969, and is a defining example of edge of the seat gripping, while also being very sad and beautiful.

Image of Christmas star decoration by Cazz Blase, copyright Cazz Blase, all rights reserved.

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