Thursday, 13 July 2017

The album of the summer is here!

Gothic Tropic's debut album, Fast or Feast, was released in May which, in these days of climate change, counts as the start of summer. I've developed a theory over the last couple of years that an album's release date in some way syncs to its overall seasonal feel and, as such, am ready to declare Fast or Feast to be the summer album of 2017.

'Your Soul' is a particularly glittering summer anthem, and it helps that the band are from LA and make sunshine drenched guitar indie rock.

At times Cecilia Della Peruti sounds almost Debbie Harry ish in her vocals (particularly on 'Teenage Behaviour' and parts of 'Your Soul'), but the intricate, almost post punk pop nature of the songs themselves remind me more of Adult Net, while at the same time sounding both fresh and timeless.

'How Life Works', 'Your Soul', 'Don't Give Me Up' and 'Stronger' are all blessed with great hooks and catchy choruses, but include a knowing quality and life smart lyrics that complicate the sunshine pop elements:

'They're not selling seats; they're selling fear' Peruti observes on 'Stronger'.

There's also the more experimental tracks, including 'Chemical Trail', 'If It Had A Body', and the almost lullabying 'Feed You To The Sharks', which is a subtly disquieting way to close an album.

Because it's so short (just over half an hour in length) you're left with a real desire for more and, as such, it's been on heavy rotation since I bought it a couple of weeks back.

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