Friday, 24 March 2017

Sade - When Am I Going To Make A Living (Official Music Video)

My friend and former colleague, Holly Combe, was the person to introduce me to this song. I was aware of Sade before that, of course, but I hadn't heard this particular song before.

Back in the summer of 2012, when Holly and I were the two Music Review Editors at the F-Word, we ran a Song Of The Day blog series where we posted a different song every day for about two months. 'When Am I Going To Make A Living' was one of Holly's choices and, as she wrote at the time, it has a special resonance to those of us trying to scratch a living in the creative industries.

It's at once a very 80s song and, at the same time, also feels very contemporary in it's subject matter. I am taking a lot of solace from it at the moment.

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