Sunday, 24 January 2016

Karren Ablaze! Underground goddess speaks

I interviewed the excellent Karren Ablaze!, of Ablaze! fanzine fame, back in early December. This was arranged after we met up for the first time in fifteen years at Louder Than Words in November 2015.

Karren was at Louder Than Words talking about Riot Grrrl with Julia Downes. I was struck, at the time, by how young the audience for their discussion was when set against the audiences for the other events I attended during the Louder Than Words weekend. Food for thought.

During the course of our interview, which was conducted via phone because Karren is in Spain and I am in Stockport, we discussed a range of things, including fanzine culture, then and now, austerity and the anti-austerity fight back, music, riot grrrl, the internet, social isolation...

Not everything made it into the written up interview, due to space, but the finished piece is an accurate representation of our conversation and, once again, The F-Word team have done me proud with their ace editing and layout skills.

A good writing start to 2016.

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